A platter of diversity would be rather apt to describe this eclectic mix of seeker(s)/psychics, explorers, spiritual counselor(s),who offer just more than their services to the world of International Media, in the form of creative and technical expertise, and a creative and technical enthusiast, who is still in search of his ground. Zonsta Creation is a company that multitasks, co-ordinates, plans, and executes, with the availability of turn-key experts and assistants, as more and more opportunities to explore the unexplored, come our way.

For starters, Mahiema Anand, is a dynamic wanderer-explorer with a purpose. A trained film- maker, she has world-wide experience in working with issues she strongly believes in. Her purpose is to share the essence of life and its varied experiences without creating sensation. Instead, creating an awareness towards lasting peace in the troubled souls of mankind. This manifests itself in the meaningful films she has created and directed, screened before a diverse audience across the world. Her journey continues, with each step into further self-discovery.

The psychic, spiritual counselor, guide, and healer, Asha Menon,  is passionately involved with perception changes and grass root charity work. Based in Dubai, she is an integral part of Zosta’s spirituality-based programmes. She writes... " Engrossed in mundanity and finding myself, I quite by chance stumbled upon my purpose, never to be the same again. I lie on the dew drenched grass soaking in the Infinite Love that sent me on this journey from myself to myself . "
Creative media, for her, is the perfect tool to highlight truths and causes that need to come into the light.

Our assistant, Vinayak Rajesekhar, currently studying Anthropology, is a creative and technical enthusiast, hoping to gain experience and exposure in media production, to significantly boost his impact as a contemporary anthropologist.

In conclusion, Zonsta Creation offers a widespread global network of artists, technicians and diverse suppliers, to facilitate high quality television and film production across the world. In another light, Zonsta also associates with young assistants and interns, to encourage their understanding of media production and nurture a sense of administrative as well as creative responsibility. 

 With technical support and inputs coming in from all over the world, somewhere as near as Indonesia, to distant nations such as the United States of America and Canada, Zonsta Creation has a wide range of network, with technicians ready to offer their support at the drop of a hat, and willing to work round the clock, and in essence, is truly, a global company.