Projects currently in progress....


Doorway to happiness - vedanta - a two part documentary series will present a fascinating modern day context of key insights into Vedic wisdom from ancient India, and its' relevance in today's existence towards balancing material success and spiritual well-being! This will be done with the guidance and walking the journey with Vedic scholars and practitioners from India and around the World!
Research currently on. Production will begin end of 2012.


Projects on the Drawing Board....


The Indigo Lotus

I envisage a ten-part television series entitled “The Indigo Lotus”, which will share insights into the lives and times of 10 Indigo children from different parts of the world. The series will aim to create a world-wide awareness regarding the phenomena of Indigo children, and encourage families, neighbourhoods and communities across the world, to realise the specialness of such children, and nurture & empathise with their abilities and potential as harbingers of peace, joy and harmony on Earth . Read more....


Recent Completed Projects


Documentary on 'Women and Spirituality' - "Women & Spirituality" - a two part documentary series titled "Hollywood to the Holy-Woods" and "Flowing with Ganga's Love", have explored the idea of feminine spirituality and what it actually means to be a seeker in today's world! These two narratives of Sadhvi Bhagwati Saraswati and Nani Ma's stories are inspired by Swati Chopra's book "Women Awakened". The films go ON AIR on a terrestrial channel in Europe in Dec 2012.



'Ganjifa cards - the Indian Tarot?' - documentary for the Films Division, Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, India

A half hour documentary film commissioned by the Films Division, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India, is about ancient art of making the Dashavataar (10 incarnations of Vishnu) cards, once used for predictions or fortune telling, but now used as decoratives or occasionally playing cards, are still made in some remote villages of West Bengal, Orissa and Maharashtra. The film has been successfully completed.


Past Projects 


The Shiva bhakts (followers) called Aghoris, spending their lives on the banks of the Ganges or cremation grounds of Hindus, devour on dead, burnt human flesh, and they believe that this is the road to salvation! Watch the video here...


Shamans in all cultures were the first ones who were mediators between the unknown or sacred and other human beings. Known as Medicine men amongst Native Americans or oracles in the Himalayan regions of India and Nepal, they are known to be the first healers of humankind! Watch the video here....

Documentary on the traditional wellness science of Ayurveda & Yoga

A 2-part documentary on the traditional wellness science of Ayurveda & Yoga, as practiced in the ancient land of  Kerala. Commissioned by the OHM TV Network, Netherlands, and broadcast for two consecutive weekends in January 2011, the series received an overwhelming response.

New Delhi Belly!

New Delly Belly! premiered on the 10th of September 2009, at The Epicentre, Gurgaon. Produced by Zonsta Creation, this unique live multiple media show presented insightful & thought provoking perspectives on memories and portraits of New Delhi in 2009. This was a collaboration between multiple media artist Ashim Ghosh, musician Deepak Castelino and theatre director & video artist Amitesh Grover, featured original music & lyrics, multi-screen projections and live surround sound, as an exciting and sensual audiovisual experience. 

" A Salute to the Complete 'You' " on International Women's Day. New Delhi.

On the occasion of international womens day we celebrated the joy and spirit of womanhood at the Amatrra Spa, Ashoka Hotel, New Delhi. Zonsta oined hands with 360 degrees, A+ medi spa, Radio Today and Goodword Communications to put together the event. Some of the esteemed guests and panelists were:

Ms.Sonal Mansingh (dancer), Ms.Neelam Pratap Rudy (golfer), Dr.Soin (wellness specialist), Ms.Poonam Sethi (astrologer and tarot card reader), Ms.Sohaila Kapur (journalist and theatre director), Ms. Sylvie (hair stylist), Ms. Mahiema Anand (film maker), The evening was hosted by the very beautiful Ms.Sheena Chauhan (ex Miss Calcutta and an Odissi dancer).



The Al-Noor concert, Jan 4th 2009, New Delhi.
Coming together of acclaimed and illustrious people from all walks of life to be a part of ‘a cause’ was the highlight of the concert recently held at Ashoka Hotel in New Delhi. Renowned painter MF Hussain whose horses have been internationally acclaimed, made the symbol of Al-Noor society, the horse, into an immortal horse!

Bollywood stars like Salman Khan, Esha Deol, and renowned singer Kailash Kher, and well known choreographer/dancer Shiamak Dawar came forward to lend their complete support and make the entertainment filled evening a huge success! To add spice to the evening was Farooq Shaikh as our host.

Al-Noor charitable society run by Mrs. Salma Ansari, wife of the Vice president of India, imparts free education at the grass root level to almost 2000 children in Aligarh.

TV commercial with Steve Waugh

A 30 secs commercial shot in india for an Australian company, having Steve Waugh as their brand ambassador. The commercial is telecast on all major sports and news networks in India.


‘Fool Proof’ for Chello Zone, UK, 2007

A 10-part series on de-mystifying 10 different beliefs in India, such as astrology, aryuveda, crystal healing, yoga, tarot, black magic, oracles and tantra.


Life Extraordinary’ for Zone Media, Uk, 2007-ongoing

A 10-part series shot all over India, featuring real life people and inexplicable events.


Pranic Healing’ for World Pranic Healing Foundation, Philippines

A 53 minute film on the ancient science of pranic healing, the no-touch, no-drugs therapy, shot extensively in Dubai and India.


Ripley’s Believe It or Not’, for TVS, USA, 1999-2002

15 films for an entire season were shot in India and neighbouring countries.


Brothels in Mumbai’ for ARTE, France, 2005

A half hour documentary on the "Brothels of India", and how they deal with the problem of AIDS. As part of a series on brothels in other parts of the world.


Whispers…Grace of the Divine’ for Persues, Hongkong, 2006-07

A film inspired by Nan Umrigar's true life account in her book 'Sounds of Silence'. The film captures the delicate spiritual and emotional relationship that she has sustained with her late son, Karl


Ultimate 10’ for The Learning Channel, Discovery, USA, 2005
Part of an episode which captured 10 of the ultimate bizarre places in the world. Shot extensively near Tanjore.


Women Achievers’ for‘Women’s Hour’ for BBC, Wales, 1991-92

A series of talk shows on prominent women achievers of India in many facets of life, featuring Margaret Alva, Madhu Kishwar, Shehnaz Hussain, Kiran Bedi, etc.


Sangini’ for Zee TV and Applause Entertainment, India, 2006
A 2 hour romantic comedy featuring Farooque Sheikh, Sulbha Arya and Kitu Gidwani.


I am Rishi’ for TV CORP, Singapore, 2003-04

A film that tackled the sensitive issue of Down’s Syndrome in India, seen through the eyes of the protagonist, Rishi. An award winning film.


Tech Culture in India’, for TECH TV, USA, 2003-04

Covering India's technological advancements, on a day-to-day basis and presenting this to the world was the objective of this series. Made in durations to match programming requirements. On air in US & France.


Locomotion’ for Marathon, France, 2003

A children’s educative programme , shot in Kerela about how different modes of transport affect their daily lives.


My Family and Me’, for Discovery, Europe

26 children from all over the world invite the viewers to share their daily family life and special events. An educative programme.


Annant’, Zee TV, India, 2003

A 30 part weekly dramatized series based on real paranormal incidents, including Ruskin Bond’s ‘Topaz’ and ‘Whispering in the Dark.’


Brigadier balwant bhawan’, for Zee Tv, India, 2002
A comedy about a working women’s hostel ruled by a strict matron, Kalpana Iyer.


Mystery History’, an in-house production, 2004 onwards

An attempt to create “One World, Our World”. A children’s series, with the pilot episode shot in Mauritius, based on the UN Declaration of culture of peace and non-violence. Was presented at the Alliance of New Humanity, headed by Dr. Deepak Chopra at Puerto Rico and the Agora Summits held in Italy and Greece.


Who am I?’, 2003

An in-house production--Distributed to various networks in Europe. a one part documentary on the 2000 year old astrological science of Nadi Shastra. Shot in a small town in the interiors of Tamil Nadu in South India, it boasts of having records of all human beings who ever have and will walk on this earth with their past, present and future all laid out.


Short fillers for Reality TV, UK, 2006

Ten short stories shot for Zone Reality channel of UK. Human stories shot all over India.


‘Saadhana’, an in-house production, 2005
A one-off documentary on de-mystifying Hindu beliefs. The film was screened in London to packed house and is a part of the Oxford library in London under the religion section.


Rihaaee’, 1997, ABCL

A political serial based on true accounts.


Ek Shuruvaat’, AMAN TV, Dubai , 2001

A women-based serial on the challenges faced by them in various situations.


Bacchhon Ki Adalat’, AMAN TV, Dubai, 2001

A multi-camera studio based edutainment based show.


Beyond the Symbol’, for UK, 2003
A film on Lord Ganpati. A one part documentary on the Ashtvinayaka in Maharashtra, one of the eight Ganpati destinations of Lord Ganpati where He is said to have manifested from the earth.



Theme Magik’ for Sahara, India, 2003
A musical, 42-episode film, based on different themes tackled by Bollywod through the ages.


Department of Culture, Ministry of HRD, India:


Nongkrem Festival of Meghalaya


Living Music of Rajasthan’


Monpas of Arunachal Pradesh