Life Extraordinary
A series of 25 stories of 4-7 mins duration each, filmed across India, about extraordinary people, places, events and phenomena! Ready for licensing.


Karma Sutra..threads of destiny!

A feature film for global audience! Duration 90 mins. A disillusioned housewife – turned photographer: following the threads of her destiny on a journey of self-empowering re-discovery – using her photographs as a catalyst to bring about the wisdom of the onset of a Golden age of peace and joy in the world!


Destination X

A 15 part television series – seeking, unearthing and exploring the magical mysteries and secrets of awesome phenomena. Mahiema Anand takes the viewers on her thrilling cosmic journey!


In trance...the healing Shamans

A one-off documentary on the oldest healers of humanity – the Shamans! Known by different names in different cultures, are principally ‘mediums’ connecting with the spirit world by entering into a ‘trance’ or ‘an altered state of consciousness’ to seek answers for troubled humans!


The Witch next door!

A one-off documentary on women, magick and return of the Goddess!the film will look at the resurgence of the goddess movement, neopagansim and specifically Wicca throughout the world today.